Sikh Bhagats

Who is a Sikh Bhagat

The term Bhagat refers to a Holy Person who leads a life of spirituality and dedication to God. A Bhagat is an Eastern equivalent to a Christian Saint, a Sant. The word Bhagat comes from the Sanskrit word Bhakti, which means devotion, love etc.

Throughout the history of India there have been saints and thinkers who were dissatisfied with the superstitions and the thousands of the religious vagaries of Hinduism. They gradually evolved a belief in one God and preceded Guru Nanak as does the dawn before sunrise.

The teachings of these Bhagats, whose words and teachings were included in the Holy Granth by Guru Arjan Dev are given the same prominence in the SGGS, the Sikh Holy Book as the teaching of the Ten Sikh Gurus. Guru Arjan Dev Ji selected the writings of both Hindus and Muslims with equal impartiality, according to their suitability of his purpose and religious reformation that was Sikhism.

Sikh Bhagats

The following 15 Bhagats have their Bani incorporated within the Sri Guru Granth Sahib (in chronological order):

Contributions to Gurbani

# Name Identity No. of Hyms
1. Kabir Weaver 292 hymns
2. Namdev Calico printer from Maharashtra 60
3. Ravidas Shoe maker from Uttar Pradesh 41
4. Trilochan Brahmin from Maharashtra 4
5. Dhanna Cultivator from Rajasthan 4
6. Sain Barber from Uttar Pradesh 1
7. Jaidev Poet from Bengal 2
8. Pipa King from Uttar Pradesh 1
9. Surdas Blind poet 2
11. Baba Farid Muslim saint from Punjab 134
11. Parmanand Maharashtra 1
12. Sadhna Butcher from Sindh 1
13. Beni 3
14. Ramanand Uttar Pradesh 1
15. Bhikhan< Sufi saint from Uttar Pradesh 2