Aarti: English

Shri Guru Ravidas Ji


Thy Name Is My Aarti And Ablution, O Lord.
Without God's Name All Religious Paraphernalia Are False.
Thy Name Is My Prayer-Mat, Thy Name My Saffron-Grater,
And Thy Name Is The Saffron, Which I Sprinkle On Thee.
Thy Name Is The Water, Thy Name The Sandal-Wood,
And The Repetition Of The Name Is The Rubbing Thereof; This Is The Sandal Paste, Which I Take To Anoint Thee.
Thy Name Is The Lamp, Thy Name The Wick,
Thy Name Is The Oil, Which I Pour Therein.
With Thy Name I Have Kindled The Light,
With It's Illumination My Entire Home Is Bright.
Thy Name Is The String, Thy Name The Garland Of Flowers,
Defiled Are All The Eighteen Loads Of Leaves, Offerings Of Ours.
Why Should I Offer Thee What Thou Thyself Has Created?
Thy Name Is The Whisk (Chawar) Which I Wave Over Thee.
The Whole World Is Involved In The Eighteen Puranas, And The Sixty-Eight Places Of Pilgrimage,
It Rotates Within The Four Forms Of Species.
Thy Name Is The Aarti, Says Ravidass
And Thy True Name Itself Is Offered, O Lord, As The Ceremonial Food To Thee

Guru Ravidas Ji